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West Lutheran International is excited to welcome students from all over the world. Located in Plymouth, Minnesota, West Lutheran sits 12 miles from downtown Minneapolis, providing safety for your student, yet allowing access to cultural, art, and sporting events.

West Lutheran International serves the whole student giving them a strong academic curriculum along with a rich cultural experience. West Lutheran has an established three-level ESL curriculum. Our English learner courses (ESL) are paired with regular English classes, allowing a student to spend 1/4th of their day on English mastery. The ESL curriculum includes a university preparatory ESL course that helps prepare an English learner for the TOEFL test, and the American college campus.

West Lutheran International students stay with a homestay families. This allows the student to have a true “cultural immersion” experience and receive the nurturing care of a family rather than dormitory housing. Often lasting, close friendships develop and become a very positive part of the students overall American education.

Over 90% of West Lutheran students are involved in sports, service, and leadership activities that broaden their educational experiences. Coaches and program advisors hold students to a high standard of excellence to help discover and develop talents and abilities.

At West Lutheran, your student will be surrounded by caring people. West Lutheran’s teachers provide counsel and religious instruction to develop Christian values and character. West Lutheran’s students mentor and assimilate international students in a close family atmosphere. 

We invite you to join the West Lutheran community. Apply today or send us an email if you have questions.

Fine Arts Offerings

Concert Choir
Introductory Choir

Concert Band
Chapel Band
Pep Band

Fall Play
Winter Touring Show
Spring Musical

Visual Arts
Drawing and Painting
Media Arts Fundamentals 

Fine Arts Events

Fall Concert
WELS Choral Festival 
Christmas Concert 
Easter Concert
WELS Band Festival
Spring Concert
Accents Traveling Choir Tours
State Solo Ensemble Competition 

Sports Offerings

Boy's Football
Cross Country
Girl's Volleyball
Trap Shooting

Robotics Club

Boy's Baseball
Trap Shooting
Girl's Softball
Track and Field


International Student Mentors National Honor Society
Student Government