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Application Process

It is recommended that an application be made early for the best opportunity for enrollment for the coming school year. The standard application deadline is April 1. Applications submitted after April 15 will be reviewed on a space-available basis.

Step 1: Apply to West Lutheran High School

The following must be completed and included for application consideration:

  • Please complete the Application Form and Enrollment Process on-line through Facts, including paying your enrollment fee
  • School transcripts:
    • A transcript of your courses, credits and grades from the past (3) years is very important to our review process. Please include a copy, in English, with your application. These transcripts must be translated to English.
    • Course descriptions to accompany the transcripts
  • Copy of Passport and VISA (if available)
  • Copy of I-20 if transferring from another school
  • Copy of Immunization records

Step 2:  Application Review by West Lutheran High School

After all documents have been received and reviewed, West Lutheran will arrange a virtual interview with the applicant.

Step 3:  Receive Acceptance Letter and I-20 Form

If the student is accepted, West Lutheran High School will send the following:

  • Acceptance Email
  • The I-20 form from West Lutheran High School

Upon receiving this email and I-20, the student will complete the online enrollment process and pay the enrollment fee to reserve their spot at West Lutheran High School.  Students will also need to complete additional forms. ** All International Students need to provide proof of health insurance.  If you need insurance, you can go to this site to purchase insurance for the entire year.  

Step 4:  Determine Housing Needs

International students attending West Lutheran have varying needs regarding housing.  West does not have on-campus dormitories.  Students are either housed with a host family for a full cultural experience or stay with personal family in the area.

Step 5:  Pay the Sevis 1-901 Fee

Prior to applying for a visa, the SEVIS I-901 fee must be paid. This payment can be made with a credit card on the internet at Print your receipt. Proof of payment is required by the US Consulate.

Step 6:  Apply for a Student F-1 Visa

The documents needed at the U.S. consulate of your native country for an F-1 Visa are:

  • The acceptance letter
  • The I-20 form from West Lutheran High School
  • Proof of payment of SEVIS I-901 fee
  • A signed passport (valid for at least 6 months after date of entry into the United States)
  • Transcripts and diplomas from previous institutions
  • Scores from standardized test, such as the TOEFL, SAT, GRE, and GMAT

Step 7:  Notify West Lutheran High School

When visa is granted, please inform West Lutheran High School immediately. Also, inform West Lutheran of flight and arrival arrangements when they are made. You can e-mail this information to West Lutheran,

 **All new international students are required to arrive at West Lutheran High School three to four days prior to the start of school.  School starts on Friday, arrival should be on Monday or Tuesday.  This allows time for all placement tests to be completed before the start of classes.

Step 8:  Arrange Payment for Remaining Fees

The payment deadline for remaining fees is August 1.  Payment is to be made in U.S. currency in the form of a bank draft or wire transfer.  In the case of late application, fees must be paid before the student arrives.

In the event the student's F-1 Visa is denied, any tuition already paid will be refunded. The application fee and enrollment fee are non-refundable.

Students who enroll at West Lutheran High School are committed to attending school here for a minimum of one academic year. Students who withdraw or transfer before this time will not be granted any refund of fees. If a student is asked by the Administration to withdraw from West Lutheran High School for violation of Student Handbook policies, all fees for the current semester are non-refundable.

A student's success depends solely on the effort that the student puts forth.  West Lutheran High School can not and does not guarantee acceptance into colleges or universities.