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Amazing Grace Virtual Academy (AGVA)

West Lutheran offers Amazing Grace Virtual Academy (AGVA) courses to aid in supplementing course offerings through online electives for grades 9-12.

These classes are an additional out-of-pocket cost for any student who wishes to enroll. If your student decides to take an AGVA course, they are expected to complete the WLHS Contract & Written Statement, and schedule a meeting with either the Vice Principal or Guidance Counselor. The meeting is to discuss academic readiness, future success in the course, and ultimately, if the class is a good fit for the student and their schedule.

West Lutheran teachers are not involved with teaching any of these courses, and students are solely responsible for communicating with their online AGVA instructor(s) if problems or issues arise.

For a complete and current list of available classes, as well as steps on how to proceed with AGVA registration, please visit the Amazing Grace Virtual Academy website

WLHS's AGVA Contract Found Here

WLHS's AGVA Written Statement Found Here