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The Wise Penny Thrift Shoppe in Buffalo is a nonprofit charitable organization that sells donated goods to raise funds for West Lutheran High School.  In 2017, the Wise Penny donated over $160,000 to West Lutheran (more than $1,000 per student!). Since it was founded over 30 years ago, the store has been operated by the volunteer efforts of West Lutheran families and members of West Lutheran's WELS/ELS association congregations. 

Your help is needed and appreciated!  Here’s how:

  • Volunteer at the store.  Daily needs include cashiers, merchandise sorters, and pricers. Sign up online! 
  • Encourage and invite friends and family to join you in volunteering at the Wise Penny.
  • Donate your unneeded clothing and household goods to the Wise Penny. 
  • Shop at the Wise Penny, and spread the word about the store!
  • “Friend” us and “like” us on Facebook!

For more information, contact Brittany McFadden, Store Manager, or Lanita Farstad, Volunteer Coordinator, at (763) 682-4178 or

Check out the Wise Penny website for more information.