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Grace and peace be yours in abundance through the knowledge of 
God and of Jesus our Lord. 2 Peter 1:2


West Lutheran Pays Attention to Details

West Lutheran High School graduates show that we at West Lutheran pay attention to the big details. Take college readiness as an example. Over the last five years, West Lutheran students have averaged 10-20% higher than the average Minnesota student in college English readiness; over 20% higher in Math readiness and 10-20% high in readiness for college level reading.  (Based on the ACT annual High School Profile Report).

West Lutheran Has a Focus

Some schools market themselves as prep schools while others model themselves as serving only a single niche such as fine arts or engineering. This is the “you might be the student for our school” approach.  We see this as the wrong starting point. 

At West Lutheran, we focus on the individual student, recognize his or her gifts, and push them to achieve. We accomplish this by offering a learning coordinator for the student that still struggles, to organize their learning or to help with other needs such as a special testing environment.  For advanced students, AP and PSEO classes are taught here on campus by the teachers that have come to know them, but also teach these classes at the rigor of a college level course. Our class sizes are kept at a level that allows the teacher to pay attention to the individual student.

West Lutheran Has a Heart for Your Student

The relationship between students and faculty is different at a school with a 1:13 faculty to student ratio. In this setting a student’s gifts and needs stand out pretty quickly. In an average high school where class sizes are 30+ students, it is tough to adapt a class or instruction to the unique needs of a student. Why not choose a high school that is able to really know your student and is able to meet their needs?


When we were looking for a new school. West was on our list of 3 schools to visit.  We went to West first and canceled the following visits the same day, because we were met with such open arms and positivity we were confident it was going to best school choice for our family. From the front office team, the teachers we met and everything in between. It was and still is a wonderful place for learning.


Danielle and Bill Benton

Parents of Maya, class of 2024

Our daughter transferred to West Lutheran in the middle of her sophomore year from a larger, public high school. Faculty and students warmly welcomed her. Soon her grades began to improve due to the academic attention she received from faculty and supporting staff. The staff was always positive and found new and unique ways to assist her with schoolwork and a daily balance with athletics and work. She graduated in 2016, is attending post-secondary education and still enjoys friendships with former students and staff members.

For four years, our son has attended West Lutheran and has excelled within the small class size and extra attention that comes with going to a smaller high school. The staff continually encourages him and challenges him in new and unique ways along with encouraging him in extracurricular student activities and athletics. He will proudly graduate in 2018, and has been accepted to numerous post-secondary colleges thanks to his hard work and the solid West Lutheran curriculum, staff and student environment. For anyone looking toward a smaller private high school education, my wife and I cannot say enough about the faith and academics surrounding the staff, families and students of West Lutheran High School.


Jeff and Christy Haider

Parents of Emily, 2016 graduate and Luke, class of 2018

West Lutheran was a very good high school for our son and family. The school provided a supportive and friendly community that made high school education feel like a challenge with plenty of opportunities. The student population was inclusive promoting a strong sense of school spirit, commitment to faith and excellence in academics. Our son graduated from West Lutheran well prepared for the next stages of life. He also has many great memories and friends that will last forever.


Nicole and Ken Barnes

Parents of Owen, 2017 graduate

Our daughter switched to West her sophomore year, after attending a large public high school. The change has been a huge blessing to both her and our family. She has loved the close-knit community, chapel services, being involved in choir and theater productions, and has made solid Christian friends. We are so grateful that she has been able to be so involved with activities she loves. We look forward to sending more of our children to West!

Rachel and Joel Hansen

Parents of Lucy, class of 2025 and Judah, class of 2027

Our children have attended King of Grace Lutheran from preschool through 8th grade. When the decision came to make a high school choice, we knew West Lutheran was it. Sending our kids to West has given them opportunities that they would not have had in larger schools. Both Rudy and Lily were able to play sports that they had never played before and were involved in choir, band, yearbook, National Honor Society and student council. They were able to do all of this while hearing Gods word in their daily lives, as this was part of every activity and every class at West Lutheran. They also received a fantastic education that prepared them well for college. As a parent, I love the close knit, family- like community West offers. It is great to be able to get to know the families of your children’s friends. Looking toward the future, my sixth grader is excited to begin his years at West Lutheran High School.


David and Susan Nelson

Parents of Rudy, class of 2014, and Lily, class of 2017

West Lutheran was a building place for our daughters and our family.

West Lutheran grew and nurtured faith in our family. Even in the complex world that we live in today, our daughters were taught to be continually filled with hope because of their faith. They were taught to be comforted by God’s Word and to turn to God in all things. This solid thread of faith runs throughout all aspects of West Lutheran including academics and extra-curricular activities.

With confidence in God, West Lutheran developed character in our daughters as they participated in leadership, academic and athletic roles at West Lutheran. The small class sizes and opportunities to be involved in extra-curricular activities instilled a sense of confidence in them as young adults. With all of these wonderful experiences, our daughters graduated from West Lutheran prepared for college and for life.


Mike and Jennifer Tripp

Parents of Lauren, 2013 graduate and Maria, 2016 graduate