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West Lutheran offers several ways for a student to earn college credits and high school credits simultaneously. Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) are available in cooperation with a PSEO offering Minnesota institute. Successfully earned credits received here count toward both high school graduation and a college degree. Advanced Placement (AP) courses are high school courses taught with the same rigor of a college course. Tests are then offered in spring, administered through the College Board. In turn, some colleges will allow students to receive credits for courses that would have been part of their program depending on the score received. Students are advised to confirm with their future college that these courses/credits can be applied to their degree. Please see the Course Catalog for an updated list of all current PSEO/AP courses offered at West.

West Lutheran AP courses include:
  •  AP United States History
  •  AP Literature
  •  AP Calculus AB
  •  AP Biology
  •  AP Physics
  •  AP Computer Science

Additional online AP courses offered through Amazing Grace Virtual Academy include:
  •  AP 2D Art & Design
  •  AP Computer Science Principles
  •  AP Psychology