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Performance dates
Nov. 18 7:00PM

Nov. 19 7:00PM

Nov. 20 2:00PM


The Customer Is
Always Wrong

by Ian McWethy

Ah, the working world is full of valuable lessons. Commitment! Responsibility! Total humiliation! When four teenagers start their very first jobs, it doesn't seem like rocket science to babysit, wait tables, pass out flyers, or work at a movie theater, but it's not long before they find out that in the minimum-wage world, the customer is king...a brutal, ruthless king. This funny, biting comedy is an ode to anyone who's ever had to tell the worst customer in the world to "have a nice day."

Power Line

by Don Zolidis

Mom and Dad want their freeloading kids to get jobs, but nothing could compete with the ultimate gig for high school kids that they had in 1989. As a Game Counselor answering calls on the Power Line, you could bring hope to people with nothing to lose but 99 cents an hour: people who are really stuck in a video game. In his pre-Dad days, young Gilbert learns the ropes from fellow weirdos as the quirky Counselors field calls from the lovelorn, the overly immersed, and the bloodthirsty. Battling panic attacks on the phone is tougher than dodging barrels at first, but a talented coworker takes an interest in helping Gilbert...and maybe more.