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Tuition Rates

2020 – 2021 Rates

Association Members+
1st Student $8,040 **
2nd Student $5,940 **

1st Student $9,740 **
2nd Student $7,140 **

Annual Fee $325

Tuition Assistance is available based on need. The application form can be downloaded at this link and must be submitted by April 15 of the upcoming school year.

**Tuition rates include Wise Penny Volunteer hours – Amounts will increase by $1000 per family if Wise Penny volunteer requirements are not met. The Wise Penny provides over $1000 per student to West Lutheran High School each school year.

+ Association members are those students who are members of one of the 21 WELS/ELS churches that spiritually and monetarily support West Lutheran High School.

International Students

For more information about our International Student program and rates, please follow this link or contact the school at with questions and requests.