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Tuition Rates

2018 - 2019 Rates

Association Members+
1st Student $7,840 **
2nd Student $5,740 **

1st Student $9,540 **
2nd Student $6,940 **

Annual Fee $325

Tuition Assistance is available based on need. The application form can be downloaded at this link and must be submitted by April 1 of the upcoming school year.

**Tuition rates include Wise Penny Volunteer hours – Amounts will increase by $1000 per family if Wise Penny volunteer requirements are not met. The Wise Penny provides over $1000 per student to West Lutheran High School each school year.

+ Association members are those students who are members of one of the 21 WELS/ELS churches that spiritually and monetarily support West Lutheran High School.

International Students

Annual Fee $425

For more information about our International Student program and rates, please follow this link or contact Melissa Baures at with questions and requests.