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Dave and Ann W.

We have had a child or two at West Lutheran every year for the last 15 years. What a blessing it has been for our family. When we sent our oldest in 2000 we had little idea of how we would pay the tuition. Some people helped us (we don't even know who) in that first year and since then God has blessed us where we have not needed the help. The money just seemed to appear. 

The fact that my kids got to hear the powerful Word of God everyday is a tremendous comfort to us. We know that faith comes from hearing and our kids heard. We are promised that the Holy Spirit will do his work. 

Secondly, they got a great education. I would put a West Lutheran education up against any school in the country. If you want your kids prepared for the next step, this school is second to none. 

Thirdly, it gave all of them a chance to be involved in a wide variety extracurricular activities. They were all at least two sport athletes and were pushed into doing things that expanded their comfort zone in other areas. We also have been blessed with a daughter in law from West Lutheran!