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  • State Qualified Robots!

    The inaugural West Lutheran Robotics Team has qualified to go to State! The Aluminum Warriors took 2nd place in their conference and are training to compete on February 7-8, at Washington Technology Magnet School.
    The first day of the competition is a team review and interview by a judge. Saturday is a full day of qualifying matches between 24 teams. The final tournament of the top 4 teams choose another team as a partner for quarter, semi-finals, and then the final playoffs. 
    The teams "drive" their robots, via remote control,  through a challenging path, pick up a block, and drive the block to another location to stack it as high as possible. The Aluminum Warriors robot's strength is driving and moving the block, while other teams are best at stacking. Points are scored through multiple variables and totaled for a final score. 
    If you would like more information about the tournament or the robotics team, please contact Steve Merten.

  • Standout Student

    Congratulations to Kelsey Latterell for being chosen by the faculty as this quarter's Standout Student at West Lutheran. You can view the interview of Kelsey and Mrs. Gierach at this CCX link.

  • 2019 APUSH Results


    The AP United States History (APUSH) exam can make students weak in the knees. West Warriors met this exam head on and beat the MN and Global scores with a score of 81.8%! Check out the scores here.

  • 2019 AP Calculus Results


    West Lutheran students finished strong in the AP Calculus AB exam in 2019. Check out the results here.

  • 2019 AP Lit Results

    West Lutheran High School students did very well on the 2019 AP English and Composition exam, surpassing MN state and global averages! You can view the results at this link