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Community Engagement Survey

  • Do you believe that Relationships, Community, Character, and Accountability are emphasized at West Lutheran High School?  Why do you think this way?

  • What classes/extra-curricular experiences do you think students need to be successful after they graduate?

  • Are those classes/experiences available at West Lutheran?

  • Respond to these statements –West Lutheran has high academic standards.  Courses at West Lutheran are of high quality.

  • Respond to this statement – The curricular and extracurricular programs at West Lutheran are Christ-Centered.

  • Do you think West Lutheran’s facility needs improving?  If so, what would you change about it?

  • Do you feel that West Lutheran communicates effectively with parents and stakeholder groups?  What could we do to improve communication?

  • Do you believe that West Lutheran High School faces challenges that need addressing?  What are they?  How would you fix them?

  • What strengths or positive things do you appreciate or would you mention to a friend who is searching for a high school?

  • Is there a statement/question that we should have asked but didn’t? Is there any other feedback you’d like to share? Please share the question/answer/feedback as well!