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This school year marks the 40th anniversary of Christian education at West Lutheran High School. There have been many changes at our Plymouth campus over the past 20 years. Since classes began in 1996, we have built an addition and have increased our parking to support our needs during the many school sponsored events. Our baseball field has been transformed and is now great place to play or to watch a game. The commons area has been updated to encourage students, families and visitors alike to socialize in a warm, welcoming environment. Our campus, and specifically our building, have been a tremendous blessing to our West Lutheran Association, students, and families. God has been very gracious  with His gifts.

The school building is constantly in use. In addition to school day and extra-curricular activities, our building is frequently used by our West Lutheran Association schools and rented out for community sports programs and activities. As we move forward at West Lutheran, we want to take every advantage of the gifts of our campus and building to provide support and safety to our students and to proclaim the love of Christ. With this in mind, plans have been developed to modernize our building while integrating components that share God’s love with our students, their families and visitors.

The Administrative Office Redesign Project is the next major step in our journey to upgrade our school building. The first impression of our school is often made in the administrative office. Please consider donating to update this space. Thank you for your support of West Lutheran High School!

Current donation total: $16,838!