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Bye Bye Birdie Auditions
Tuesday, January 15 and Wednesday, January 16th!

It was great to see so many students at the Musical Information Meeting. I've been doing a lot of planning for this year's Spring production of Bye Bye Birdie, and I can't wait for auditions so we can cast this fun and energetic show and get to work!

Please sign up for your audition time slot at this link:

Below you will find all of the information you'll need for auditions: the Audition Information Packet, and the Student Contract and Audition Form and character descriptions. You'll need to print and fill-out the Student Contract and Audition Form, and bring it with you to your audition. There is a section that must be filled out and signed by a parent. This form should be filled out completely before you come to your audition. 

You will also find a character description sheet to help you choose what roles you might be interested in, and all of the audition sides (scenes) being used for auditions. If you have any questions, please send them my way at 

I'm happy to help in anyway!

Happy New Year, and I look forward to seeing you at Auditions on Tuesday, January 15 and Wednesday, January 16th!

Download links:

Student Audition and Contract Form

Musical Info Packet

Character Descriptions


Albert and Rosie

Conrad Albert Momma

Hugo Kim Ursula

Kim Ursula

MacAffees Kim Randolph Conrad

Rose Mrs Peterson Albert