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Meeting Face-to-Face with Online Available:

◆ West administration has decided that as of August 3, the school year will begin face-to-face, with the option to attend virtually, if necessary, for those who have certain documented medical conditions. Ultimately, this means West will be using a hybrid model to accommodate all students’ needs. This could change if Hennepin County has a large surge in coronavirus cases between August 3 and August 24.  There will be more guidelines about attending classes virtually later, but West administration feels face-to-face instruction provides the best all-around educational experience for every student. 

◆ For those attending online classes, the administration would like those students to attend LIVE while the class is in session during its scheduled class period. The administration does understand that this may not be possible for all students, but a parent or guardian must speak to the administration as to the circumstances where this will not be feasible in their family setting. We feel this will be better for our students to stay in a more rigorous routine and will keep the student from getting behind in school work. 

For more information or to enroll for this school year, email