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Welcome to the West Lutheran Library!
West's library was set up for your use. Check it out.

It’s a convenient spot to examine books on a wide variety of topics.   Also, it’s a good place to compare books that present different views of a specific topic.

There's a wide range of magazines and periodicals available.  Many are educational, while others are related to sports, hobbies, schools or careers.  It's a quick way to keep current! 

No surprise that most of the library books and magazines have been selected for educational and/or spiritual growth.  Many are specifically useful for classroom projects/research/enrichment, while others are available simply to enjoy or pursue personal interests.  All are reviewed for student readability and interest as well as the content.

Check out your library today!

Donations are always welcome.  Click here for information on how you can help.

To find a book from the library, please use the online card catalog.