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The Wise Penny Thrift Shoppe in Buffalo is a nonprofit charitable organization that sells donated goods to raise funds for West Lutheran High School.  In 2014, the Wise Penny donated over $130,000 to West Lutheran (more than $900 per student!). Since it was founded 30 years ago, the store is operated by the volunteer efforts of West Lutheran families and members of West Lutheran's WELS association congregations. 

Your help is needed and appreciated!  Here’s how:

  • Volunteer at the store.  Daily needs include cashiers, merchandise sorters, and pricers. Sign up online! 
  • Encourage and invite friends and family to join you in volunteering at the Wise Penny.
  • Donate your unneeded clothing and household goods to the Wise Penny. 
  • Shop at the Wise Penny, and spread the word about the store!
  • “Friend” us and “like” us on Facebook!

For more information, contact Brittany McFadden, Store Manager, or Lanita Farstad, Volunteer Coordinator, at (763) 682-4178 or

Check out the Wise Penny website for more information.