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This December will mark the 20th anniversary of education on our West Lutheran High School campus. Much has changed on our campus over the past 20 years. We have built an addition since classes began in 1996. We have added additional parking to support our needs during events. Our baseball field has been transformed and is now great place to play or watch a game. Our campus and specifically, our building have been tremendous blessings to our West Lutheran Association, students, and families. God has been very gracious to us with these gifts.

The school building is constantly in use. In additional to use for our school day and extra-curricular activities, our building is frequently used by our West Lutheran Association schools and rented for community sports programs and activities. As we move forward at West Lutheran we want to take every advantage of the gifts of our campus and building to provide support and safety to our students and to proclaim the love of Christ. With this in mind, plans have been developed to modernize our building while integrating components that share God’s love with our students, guests, and visitors.

During the gala auction, in April 2016, $31,000 was raised to improve the safety of the building through video monitoring systems and other security features. These improvements will take place over the summer. The Commons Redesign Project is another major step in our planning to update and upgrade our school building into a place that warmly welcomes our guests and visitors, provides comfort, support, and spiritual encouragement to our students, celebrates our West Lutheran Association and faithful supporters, and communicates God’s love to all who spend time in our building. The animation posted here shows what our commons area will look like when complete.

This commons project is scheduled to begin in early June and will be completed in August prior to the start of the next school year. But this project is only the beginning. It will act as a springboard to update the rest of the building and to continue to proclaim God’s Word on our walls throughout the space. The total cost of these improvements are estimated to be approximately $175,000 and will take place over the next two years. These are unbudgeted improvements, so we need your support to make it happen!

Please pray that God blesses our plans to his glory and that the mission to use God’s Word in our building is accomplished each day. Thank you for your support!

 Principal Adam Wiechmann