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Aaron Kreuter attended West Lutheran High School from 2000-2004. He studied business and economics in college, and graduated from the University of Minnesota (Twin Cities) in 2008. He continued at the U of M Law School and graduated in 2011. After passing the bar, he worked for four years in small firms, primarily representing and advising small business owners. In 2014, Aaron began working as an in-house attorney for Transportation Funding Group, a commercial finance company that his father started in 1995. He primarily manages the legal and credit-related sides of the business. Aaron lives in Robbinsdale with his wife Serena and they are members at King of Grace in Golden Valley. Aaron is currently working with the West Lutheran mock trial students as a coach and advisor.

My experience at West convinced me of the importance of Christian education. West may not be large, it may not be glitzy, and it may not have scores of state championship banners hanging from the rafters, but ultimately, none of those things are important. Nothing is more important than -- or is an acceptable substitute for -- a curriculum with a strong Biblical foundation coupled with faithful teachers who care deeply about the educational and spiritual growth of their students. That was the sort of school West was when I attended as a student. Although many of the faces in the hallways have changed in the time since, that is the sort of school West still is. Another part of West that is still important to me is the number of friendships that I developed as a student there, many of which I still have. It has been truly great to be able to keep those up, and the culture at West played a big part in that.

Aaron Kreuter, 2004 graduate


West Lutheran was a very good high school for our son and family. The school provided a supportive and friendly community that made high school education feel like a challenge with plenty of opportunities. The student population was inclusive promoting a strong sense of school spirit, commitment to faith and excellence in academics. Our son graduated from West Lutheran well prepared for the next stages of life. He also has many great memories and friends that will last forever.

Nicole and Ken Barnes

Parents of Owen, 2017 graduate

Our children have attended King of Grace Lutheran from preschool through 8th grade. When the decision came to make a high school choice, we knew West Lutheran was it. Sending our kids to West has given them opportunities that they would not have had in larger schools. Both Rudy and Lily were able to play sports that they had never played before and were involved in choir, band, yearbook, National Honor Society and student council. They were able to do all of this while hearing Gods word in their daily lives, as this was part of every activity and every class at West Lutheran. They also received a fantastic education that prepared them well for college. As a parent, I love the close knit, family- like community West offers. It is great to be able to get to know the families of your children’s friends. Looking toward the future, my sixth grader is excited to begin his years at West Lutheran High School.

David and Susan Nelson

Parents of Rudy, class of 2014, and Lily, class of 2017

West Lutheran was a building place for our daughters and our family.

West Lutheran grew and nurtured faith in our family. Even in the complex world that we live in today, our daughters were taught to be continually filled with hope because of their faith. They were taught to be comforted by God’s Word and to turn to God in all things. This solid thread of faith runs throughout all aspects of West Lutheran including academics and extra-curricular activities.

With confidence in God, West Lutheran developed character in our daughters as they participated in leadership, academic and athletic roles at West Lutheran. The small class sizes and opportunities to be involved in extra-curricular activities instilled a sense of confidence in them as young adults. With all of these wonderful experiences, our daughters graduated from West Lutheran prepared for college and for life.

Mike and Jennifer Tripp

Parents of Lauren, 2013 graduate and Maria, 2016 graduate